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Come to Merida and enjoy beautiful landscapes.  We have more than 70 named mountains, each with incredible scenes and all,  above 14,444 f.a.s.l.  Here, you can experience a whole different world! Take a quiet walk through the forest, or if you are more aggressive,  feel the excitement and adventure of a 5 or 6 days tour to Bolivar Peak, the highest mountain in Venezuela!  Professional guides and equipment are available  at all times.  Merida offers something for everyone! 

 Have you ever sat on the side of a mountain, surrounded by flowers and looked down at the tranquil beauty of a  glacial lagoon?  Or, how about staying the night in a mountain chalet and the next morning, before breakfast (but after coffee) taking a quiet walk in the area, and commune with nature.  If you are in good physical shape, and have some hiking experience, you will be able to take the more challenging trek, but if you seek quiet and peaceful places to walk, to relax, and enjoy(disfrutar) the perfect climate and vegetation, we can offer you many lovely places like:  

This town is located on the Paramo Route, and is very close to the highest town in Venezuela, San Rafael de Mucuchies, above 11,338 f.a.s.l. It is here that you will find the house of Merida’s principal plastic artist: Juan Felix Sanchez , and examples of his of art.

El Tisure can only be reached after 8 hours of walking through great scenic landscapes along one of the highest hiking routes in all of Venezuela. Those who have made the trip report that the moderate effort is well worth while, culminating in the beautiful little Town of El Tisure, where you can find comfortable lodging. Take your tracking shoes, a jacket, some water and food, follow the trail, and prepare to enjoy a wonderful natural experience. 

Los Nevados lies within The Sierra Nevada National Park.  At 8,811 f.a.l.s, with  54 F temperature it’s one of the nicest towns of these mountains.  Here you can enjoy the natural colors of nature and see the surviving plantations made by the Mirrupuy Indians, first inhabitants of  the region. 

For a special adventure, take a brake and have a picnic with your guide,  continue until you arrive at an  Indian town dating back  400 years.  The town offers good lodging where you can stay at a typical “posada”.  In the morning, take a hearty breakfast with typical foods, and after, visit a farm, where they make  delicious smoked cheese .  At night, walk to the town square (in the middle  town)  and look at the clear night sky, enjoy a typical drink, or a hot chocolate.  Here too, you’ll find a nice little church to visit. 
NOTE:  If you decide visit this town, you or your guide must first make a reservation.  The cost of the Posadas is between US$12 and US$15 and  includes meals. You may travel either by jeep or ridding the  Teleferico, and then ridding  a horse or donkey for about 2 hours.  Don't forget to take warm clothing, and ENJOY!

Merida is very close to two of the most important lagoons of the area:  the  Mucubaji Lagoon and the Black Lagoon.  The Black Lagoon is one of the deepest natural lakes in all of Latin America.  If you take this route you will see our Rain Forest with a wide variety of beautiful: birds, rabbits, paramo deer, etc. 

 To visit the lagoons you can take a horse or walk for about 2 hours. Again, take warm clothing and good walking shoes.  The air is cool and you may be in mountain fog.  There is a small museum and a "cafeteria" behind Mucubaji Lagoon. It’s  possible  to camp overnight, but first speak with the Park Rangers and fill out a small form. Our lagoons are ideal for day or weekend camping with family and friends and always are a special treat because of the fresh air, scenic vistas and  wonderful mountain flowers and vegetation which can only be seen here. You’ll also have an opportunity to fish in many of the lagoons, such as:  Victoria Lagoon, or the  Mucubaji Lagoon.  Catching a trout  from one of these cold lagoons is a real treat, not only because of the exceptional taste and quality of the fish, but because of the beautiful area in which you are fishing.  You’ll feel like your in another world!  (Note: Don’t forget, if you have bad luck at fishing, most of Merida’s restaurants feature trout baked with ham and cheese stuffing.  Delicious!!!!) 

Another important lagoon is located on the Coffee Route, in the Town of Lagunillas.  Here, the elevation is much lower and therefore you can wear shorts, a light shirt and hat-the average daytime temperature is 65 F.  Close by is Yoama Park, where you can buy fresh fruit, or try our delicious “pastelitos” with cheese and meat.  This is a favorite retreat, and on weekends you will find many families enjoying the area. This  is one, of only two lagoons, in South America which produces Urao, a salted mineral.  This lagoon has been a valuable “mine” since Pre-Colombian time. It’s called the Urao Lagoon, and here you’ll see how the people work with urao and make “chimo” a mixture of tobacco and Urao, still widely used by many people of the Andes.  Chimo is similar to chew, but with an alcoholic effect----try at your own risk!

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