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For those who enjoy the soothing experience of a hot tub, you can try nature’s version hot springs. 

About 2 miles north east of Tabay, and up a very steep, mostly paved road, is a very nice hot springs where the water from the mountains empties into a large pool of about 3 feet in depth.  Here they have space for changing your clothes and a  small snack bar as well. 
If you drive to the Paramo Region you will find a spectacular mountain area where you will discover our  Hot Springs in La Musui. Here, you’ll be able to swim in warm, clear waters, and share a refreshing experience with the people and children who live in the area. Take your bath suit and enjoy one of nature`s marvels.  

In Ejido there are hot springs too, and only 13 miles away from the City of Merida. Except for a couple of plastic pipes driven into the mountain, these small springs are strictly non- commercial and used daily by the locals to bathe and relax. The trail to the springs is about a 5 minute walk from the road and the locals will point you in the right direction. You’ll also find  hot water springs in Chiguara, Jaji, and Santa Polonia all touristical towns of great beauty and traditional culture. 
The State of Merida has nine beautiful rivers and many gorgeus streams.  Of the two principal rivers, The Chama River, at about 160 miles long, is the largest. This majestic river begins in the Aguila Peak area and flows northward into Lake Maracaibo, yielding its precious water to tens of thousands of people who live along the banks of the Chama.

Other rivers, in addition to the Chama, are: Motatan, Santo Domingo, Caparo, and the Albarregas.  All of them are seperated by majestic mountains and two of our National Parks: The Sierra Nevada de la Culata Park to the north and Sierra Nevada National  Park to the south. 

Feel the cool mist, see the rainbows, watch the birds take their baths and drink from the falls edge.  Feel the marvellous sensation of natural power, and being close to one of our beautiful waterfalls. There´s:  El Guayabal (near Tovar), La Azulita, La Fria, La Blanca, The Bride’s Vail, El Chorreron de Las Gonzales and the Caru Indian Falls.  Each with its own history and legends that ad to the natural experience and freshness of waterfalls.

 The legend of the Caru Indian Falls has it, that high up on the mountain, the waters of these falls, begins from within a boulder which is in the form of a human head, that of the maiden Caru, daughter of Chief Toquisai. Caru carried the body of her lover, killed in battle, by the Spaniards, to this site, where she cried, embracing his fallen body, until she also died. To this day, her tears form the beginning of Caru Indian Falls.  Since then, clouds overhead, gather the tears of all the young girls who cry for a true love. In the afternoons the soft mist of the mountains forms a white fog which slowly moves thru the valley collecting perfume from the Frailejon and Mint, pouring out their tears in the form of a light rain where the Princess Caru,  Queen of the Tears, is entombed. As these tears fall, vapors impregnate the flowers which open and form a nuptial wreath for The Princess Caru and her fallen lover..... now, and forever more, eternally united.

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