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Like all great tourist areas, Mérida offers both a wide variety, and hundreds of goods eateries.

A common mis-conception is that Spanish food is hot and spicy. Not true! Sure, your waiter can bring you all kinds of condiments for you to personally "doctor up" your food, but all will agree that the quality, preparation, taste, service and price makes Mérida a gastronomic treat. Check out the HOME PAGES, review the menu's, place your order, relax, listen to the music, and ENJOY.

Ice cream? A famous shop in Mérida has the world's greatest number of flavors, 700+. It's in the Guinness Book of World Records. Try the ice cream flavor called: "". It tastes a little "nutty", which may tell you something about the people who work here? 

One of the key ingredients of any great Pizza is: Cheese. The Mérida area is know throughout Venezuela for producing a wide variety of fine tasting cheeses. 

When Venezuelans talk of Mérida, food is high on the list. Be sure to try Trucha, (trout, raised on trout "farms" located high in the Andes Mountains), filleted, baked, stuffed with ham and cheese. Ummmmm....delicious. Arapas and Cachapas are also Venezuelan favorites. 

Accompany your meal with a fine wine or domestic beers that rival the best that Europe has to offer. At the end of the work day, the gang traditionally enjoys a bottle or two of ice cold Polar, or Regional Beer. Only 35 u.s. cents for a cold "long neck brown" at the supermarket! Such a deal! 

As you read the menus, and note the prices, you may think your in a time warp – your not! These are today's prices. The cost of labor in Venezuela is low, and that means bargain prices at restaurants and places of lodging. Life in Mérida is, easy, as 1,2,3 

1. You can plan your entire vacation right here-on 
2. Grab a Jet 
3. Enjoy your Merida, Venezuela Holiday. Semi-Tropics in The Andes. 

                                                                Bon appetite!


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Arepas are a popular favorite of Venezuelans. They are a heavy, partially sliced corn meal bun stuffed with cheese, meat, fish, or any of more than 20 different stuffing's that many areperas feature. Low cost, good, and filling.

Cafés are trendy, upscale restaurants, usually showing greater attention to detail, and service. Often with exclusive menu items, offered in a unique setting. 

Fast Food Restaurants.  There are many, and each feature basic menu´s with popular foods, served quickly at moderate prices.  Mérida also has about a hundred small lunch stands on wheels, which are set-up for night time only openings.  We do not offer Home Pages to these restaurants for two reasons: 1. We think that they have an unfair advantage over our established restaurant clients, and: 2. They move about frequently, requiring constant address changes.