*** El Viejo Molino de Venzuela ***

                           A learning experience "You will Enjoy"

                   Wheat is known as the "staff of life".  Wild wheat was first grown in the Middle East more than 11,000 years ago.  The cultivation of wheat reduced the need for nomadic tribes to continually travel in search of food.

                   By 4,000 B.C. wheat farming had spread to Asia, Europe and North Africa.  New species developed as  farmers carefully selected the best kernels, for planting the following year.  The high quality wheat grown today by our Páramo farmers is a vast improvement from the wheat of past generations.

                   The Venezuela Wheat Museum, El Viejo Molino (The Olde Mill) is a working Wheat Four Mill where visitors see, and learn about the production steps which produce the best flour in the world- STONE GROUND WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR.

                   Only Stone Ground Whole Wheat flour provides the old fashioned, natural whole grain texture and flavor that is so appreciated by lovers of quality, natural foods.  The stone mill process yields high protein levels and excellent health and taste qualities.

                   Next door is the popular Restaurant
El Viejo Molino serving delicious food prepared in typical Andino style. And for a fun time, for the entire family, be sure to visit the magic house: Juan El Molinero.

And to continue the fun, take your children (adults will have fun too!) to Venezuela´s famous Tourist Recreational Camp:
"Valle Hermoso"
Less than 10 minutes away

" El Viejo Molino"
Carretera Trasandina, Escagüey,
17 miles from the City of Mérida

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