High Season July, August, September, Holy Week and Christmas- Seven andesrecom_zoo_guia.jpg (6954 bytes)days per week 8 A.M-6 P.M. 

Low Season Saturdays and Sundays only from 10 A.M-6 P.M. 

Admission High Season : 500 B's adults (about 90 cents U.S.)
250 B's children (under 12 yrs.)
Low Season: 300 B's adults  /  200 B's children (under 12 yrs.)

In the N.E. section of Merida, at the end of Avenida Chorros de Milla is the Parque Zoologico "Chorros de Milla". The Zoo is a State Park.  Annually, the zoo attracts more than 300,000 visitors, making it Venezuela's most popular Zoo.

As Merida's most visited tourist attraction, it is certainly worth at least a half-day, or more, especially if you are a zoo buff. There is a nice fast food restaurant and picnic area with tables if you choose to bring your own prepared food.

The setting is natural, thick with shade trees, and local vegetation. The site is at the foot of a large mountain ravine complete with a beautiful natural waterfall, which becomes the Rio Milla as it cascades and meanders thru the zoo's nearly 15 acres. Founded in 1953-54 it is part of Cormetur, the government tourist agency. The zoo is in partnership with a "sister zoo": The Cleveland Metropolitan Zoo, of Cleveland, Ohio. Quarterly, people from the Cleveland Zoo meet with the personnel here in Merida to exchange ideas and offer assistance. The partnership began in andesrecom_zoo_cascada.jpg (5381 bytes)December 1997 and together they are developing two main projects: The first is named: Oso Frontino and its goal is to build a habitat for this famous species of this South American Bear (oso). The second project consists of the design and construction of a large facility for the huge Andean Condor-complete with visitors seating.  Here, the zookeepers will display and tell about this magnificantly huge bird of prey which is only found in the Andes Mountains. The overall plan of the Zoo is to display only those species, both plant and animal, that are native to the region, and present this in a "rain forest" setting. With the lush natural habitat that already exists, this should not be difficult. 

Hernando GordilsThe Zoo's Supervisor is Hernando Gordils, a bi-lingual (Spanish/English) professional who is very serious about his responsibilities to both his "residents" and visitors. The workers and zookeepers maintain the attraction in tip-top condition-very clean and attractive. There are 23 employees and many are "long timers" such as zookeeper: Catalino Dugarte (shown below) who has worked at the zoo for 11 years. The zookeepers each have their particular species of responsibility and over time develop trusting relationships with their animal friends.

Catalino Dugarte
There are a total of 149 species in four Classes Aves-25. 
Mamifero(mamals) -17. 
Visit the Zoo
Final Avenida Chorros de Milla. Sector Norte. Mérida - Venezuela.
Teléfono: 074/ 443864.

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