El Aquarium

The aquarium is another Merida attraction that merits your visit. Owned by Cormetur, the government tourist agency, the Aquarium is located on the same road (Avenida Andres Bello) and, about 2 miles south of the Museum of Science and Technology. To help you find it, another landmark across the street from the aquarium is the modern multi story Las Tapias Shopping Mall
We have no idea as to why the Science Museum or the Aquarium do not have proper signs directing the tourists to these fine attractions? 
The Aquarium first opened in 1971 and has a compliment of eight employees. The buildings are situated on approximately 5 acres with adequate parking. In aquarium annually hosts 60,000 + visitors with the two  summer vacation months bringing in about 20, 000 visitors. 
The Parque Jardin Acuario is composed of three modules. The first serves as the welcome area and displays a 25 foot long color photographic mural of the City of Mérida the best we've seen!  In addition to mounted fish, this module also contains the administration office, notices of other Cormetur Tourist Attractions, and public rest rooms.
The second module is presented as a series of rooms showing typical campesino residential lifestyles. These representations are well done, offering excellent detail, and appear in the low light typical of Andean campesino homes. Sorry, but these fine displays have no accompanied text, either in English OR Spanish? 
The third module contains over 300 different types of aquatic life representative of 36 different species. Their are three large aquariums and ten smaller (5 feet wide) tanks, containing agua dulce (fresh water) fish. The species are described with their latin and common names along with information relating to habitat, etc. Sorry, but the text is offered only in Spanish.
Over-all, this attraction is well worth at least an hour of your time. We feel certain, that most visitors would spend much more time at the aquarium, if these fine displays were more properly described and offered in a second language. 
High Season July, August, September, Holy Week and Christmas- Seven days per week 8 A.M-6 P.M. 

Low Season Saturdays and Sundays only from 10 A.M-6 P.M.  

Admission High Season : 500 B's adults (about 80 cents U.S.)
250 B's children (under 12 yrs.)
Low Season: 300 B's adults  /  200 B's children (under 12 yrs.)

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