Cabins to 5. 6, 7, and 11 persons  -  Suites to 11 persons

Rooms to 2 and 3 persons.

Cabañas Sierra Linda

Kitchen (fully equipped, especially for long stays)
* Stove, * Jacuzzi, private bath * Annex bath  * bathtub, hairdryer,
Cable TV, internet, closets with dressers, hot water,
panoramic windows, furniture and wood finishes, * attic
* Balconies, * barbecue * mini bar, parking Lot.


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To make Reservation, please call to the phone: 0416-602.45.56 / 0424-720.26.02

Only  15 minuts od the Mérida city, in the way of Tabay, on the place of Loma Linda de Mucunután.
 Estado Mérida, Venezuela.



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