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The People and Rios Hotel is located in the city of Merida, via The Jets Mile, 5 minutes from the cable car and Main Market Merida Merida. The hotel is decorated in a rustic, cozy rooms and mountain view. It has 19 rooms, among which offer: single, double, triple, double and quintuple.
In its vicinity are attractive tourist places of special interest such as the Jets Milla Zoo, Monument of India Tibisay and crafts in its surroundings are offered and sold to our valued visitors. We have several plans with offers, including: Honeymoon Plan, Family Plan, Plan ends and guided tours of the various peoples of our beautiful state.
We offer special discounts to travel agencies and groups.
Among the services offered by the Hotel towns and rivers are:
T.V. cable, hot water, private security, parking, WiFi, restaurant embers and rock LindaBar ● house

RATES (include taxes.)

 Description Low Season(Bs.) out Braksfast High Season (Bs.) with breakfast

10.800 Bs.

  13.800 Bs.

Triple. 16.000  Bs.

20.000 Bs.

 Cuádruple 18.000 Bs.

23.000 Bs.


25.000 Bs.

31.000 Bs.

From April 29 to May 29 we offer you a 50% discount on our rates; Only pay 7,000 Bs per night per person (child or adult). NOT INCLUDES BREAKFAST. Our rooms have T.V. To color, private bath, wi-fi service.
Cta. Cte. Banco de Venezuela No. 01020859990000001287 on behalf of Linda Bar C.A.
RIF: 31759051-1
After making the payment you must contact us and indicate the number of the bank process, dates and personal data to be added to the book of reservations.
Contacts: Cell 0414-7175861 / Email:
RIF: J-31759051-1

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Vía Principal Chorros de Milla, Frente a la Facultad de Forestales.
 Mérida - Estado Mérida.




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