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Along the road of the beautiful Paramo Route, you will find many towns of historical, cultural, and religious importance.  Only 7 miles from the City of Merida, is the town of Tabay, with  many important colonial buildings such as the church, built in the 17th century. 

When the Spanish first arrived to what is now known as Tabay, they only saw ruins. One night the Chama River flooded and raged over the village destroying all, except one young Indian who told them: “ta ba ahÝ, ta ba ahÝ”, which means in modern translation: Tabay, Tabay. 

In the area surrounding Tabay, there are a few settlements such as: La Mucuy, La Capea and Mucunutan where you can visit with, and see the talented work of many local artists. Beautiful handicrafts made of: wood, glass, clay, wool and a wide variety of other native materials, are available.

Only 3 miles from Tabay, is a small settlement of great religious tradition called Cacute.  Here you can learn of the legend of the Holy Jesus Child of Cacute. These are the things, that over generations, help in the creation of a distinctive culture.  These mountains, the towns and the people are conservative.  Things change slowly which more clearly defines and preserves their  culture. Because of the beauty and accessibility of the area around Tabay, it has become a prime tourist area with many deluxe hotels, posadas, and scenic-view cabins available for the night, week or longer.  Here, you will also find many fine houses built, owned and lived in by people from  many foreign countries! 

As you travel up to Aguila’s Peak, you’ll find many villages with restaurants where you can taste the traditional plates of the area.  To get to the peak, use the Trasandina Road , which is the highest paved road in all of Latin America. The views can only be described as breathtaking!

One of the most popular  mountain towns is Mucuruba. Well known because of its traditional celebration each December the seventh. This beautiful Mucuruba event, in honor of the Inmaculada Concepcion, its called “The Night of the 19,000 Candles”.  People from all over the State come and light candles as the party progresses through the whole night.  They have come to pray, dance, eat and celebrate. It’s  a great party, and tourists are  always welcome and free to join in the celebration.

Mucuchies is a beautiful town, 28 miles from Merida city. It is a very important town, because of it’s importance in agriculture. In addition, Mucuchies is historically known as the town where Simon Bolivar, our national hero, received as a gift,  his dog, named Nevado, as a present from an Indian of the area called : Tinjaca. 

One of the most important stops on this route is the little chapel  of the Virgin Coromoto, located in a small town called: San Rafael de Mucuchies, which is the highest town in Venezuela, at 3.340 m.a.s.l.  This chapel was completely built of stone, without any concrete, by only one man: artist, Juan Felix Sanchez. It’s a wonderful historical artistical treasure that leaves a strong impression of what just one man is capable of doing. 
In this place you can find some children from this towns, they offer you beauty flowers a candle for the altar and  tell you in a so funny way the legend of this chapel.

If  you continue your trip on this route you’ll visit Aguila’s  Peak , at 4.047 m.a.s.l. Here you’ll find a nice shelter where you can warm yourself and have a nice hot cup of Venezuela coffee, or a traditional drink, like the  “Canelita”. From there you can visit the Mifafi valley, where if you are lucky, you might see a Condor flying over head.  In this valley, the Andean  Condors are known to feed and nest

In this route you’ll  find an special place , and you’ll feel like in the sky, see the stars close to you and learn about this interesting world... 
Created in 1975, the center for astronomic research, is a great place where you will enjoy of beautiful night-views  of the stars. Come and see the only astronomy  library of the country, that serves  the students to the differents universities,  in the area.  If you take a tour during the night, you’ll be able  to use one of the telescopes and see far galaxies and stars.  Is an interesting experience that you should  enjoy.

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