Mountain Routes

Hot Springs

National Parks


In just five miles of travel you will find  many different vistas and  places of natural beauty. 

What do you seek? Perfect climate, fresh air, mountains, waterfalls, great landscapes? Here, we have it all! Your biggest challenge is to decide which place place visit  first... 

National Parks, with a wide selection of flora and fauna. 

Walk through a Rain Forest.  Or take a horse and  feel  the mountains charm. 

Waterfalls, with crystal clear waters!  Fish, in a glacial lagoon, or have  a picnic on it’s shore. 

Wildlife? Whatever you want!  The largest bird in the world is here-the Andean Condor. 

Something more exotic? Shoot (with your camcorder) the Cock of  The Rock, a brilliantly plumed bird in bright orange with a funny face. 

Anything else? Parks, Squares, Hot Springs, and  we have the highest and longest Teleferico (cablecar) in the world!!