Around Mérida

Cultural Notes


The City of Merida, with an elevation of about one mile (similar to Denver, Colorado) is said to have almost perfect weather. Orchids (the national flower), roses, and flowering trees such as the Golden Rain tree (the National Tree) are in abundance, as well as citrus, strawberries, tropical fruits, and of course, majestic palms which adorn the city and its 35 well shaded parks.

There is a rainy season, but the rain falls mostly in the early morning hours, before sunrise. When precipation does occur in the daytime, it’s often in the form of a life refreshing shower lasting 15 or 20 minutes.

Average daytime temperatures in Merida are 68 to 75 degrees Farenheit, with the nightime lowering to the low to mids 60’s, perfect for a light blanket.... and more.

In the mountains it is not unusual to find the posadas, chalets, and cabins (cabanas) with beautiful and warm fireplaces!!! It is rare to find air conditioned homes or buildings in the city, because it is not needed, we have perfect climate!.

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