Around Mérida

Cultural Notes

Merida is a quiet and safe city, where in a relaxed mode, you can easily, learn more about our history, music, arts and events.

Saturday nights at the Cultural Center you can usually hear the beautiful music of the State Symphony  Orchestra.  On Sundays nights, at 8 PM., 
the city offers free concerts at Plaza Bolivar.  Tickets for events at the Cultural Center are usually only US$2 or US$3 each, and can be bought at the door a half hour before the event. Be sure to visit the Archeological Museum, and learn of the history of geological formations and general information about our first inhabitants, and their pre-hispanic handicrafts.(cost: about 50 cents for adults and children are free). 

The museum ARTEPUEBLO, located in San Rafael de Tabay in the state of Merida, is conceived as a nucleus of discovery and diffusion of popular art, the traditional and the religious art works natural to Venezuela, as well as being a center of capacitation for human resources for the rescue, registry and presentation of these manifestations of the popular culture. It contains two halls for expositions, an art workshop area, a store with pieces made by the local artists and complementary areas of activities both under roof and open air.  Artepueblo posseses a collection of more than a thousand works of art both imaginative and paintings realized by popular artists from all parts of Venezuela, as well as a progressive and testimonial photographic registry of more than 700 creators.

At the Juan Felix Sanchez Cultural House, you can see and study one of the most important artistic representatives of  Merida. 

Carmen Virgin Church, located very close to Bolivar Square, is the oldest church in Merida, and is representative of fine colonial architecture. 

Bolivarian Library, built as a homage in the bicentennial year of the Liberator’s (Simon Bolivar) birthdate, is destined to have  the most valuable collection of his  legacy.  In the same building, you will also find the Municipal Institute of Culture, The Bolivarian Society and the National Movie Festival Center.

The Arquidiocesan Museum, was created in  1909, by Bishop Antonio Ramos Silva.  The museum has a permanent collection of old pieces of art, including a bell from 909, one of the oldest bells in the world!! 

The Science and Technology Museum, located in Las Tapias, has interesting displays about science including: computers, communications, and also on view is a large Tyrannosaur.  The cost is around US$1.25 for adults and 80 cents for children. 

Principal Market (Mercado Principal de Merida) with 3 floors full of shops, is where you’ll find foods and fresh vegetables along with typical handicrafts of the area. Enjoy a typical meal in a restaurant, that is actually five restaurants in one, five kitchens and in one serving area are the menus and and waiters of each of the five restaurants! 
Mirror’s  Square, is in front of the church with the same name, and here is where our  monument to the unknown soldier is located.

Other beautiful parks of the city are:  Mother’s Park, Humboldt Park, Don Quijote, Conquistadores, Plaza de Milla and many more...


The highest  and longest cable car (teleferico) in the world  features beautiful views of the mountains, valleys and the City of Merida, and  is without a doubt, our principal tourist attraction. 

tur_notascult_teleferico.jpg (7253 bytes)The Teleferico, was constructed  between  1957 and 1960, and is made up of 4 independent spans, each connected by a large station with restrooms, restaurants and observation platforms. The ascent takes one hour(una hora), if  you go straight to the top without stopping.  However, its best to allow at least a couple of hours so you can relax and enjoy the refreshing cool air and exciting mountain views.  You should bring a warm jacket, of if you like, you   can rent jackets close to where you buy your teleferico tickets.Round-trip cost for the ride: about US$15 for adults and US$7 for children, which makes this, by far, the most expensive of attractions.  While it is worth the price, for most visitors, it´s high cost, sadly, has prevented most Meridans from experiencing the wonders of the Teleferico.

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