Around Mérida

Cultural Notes

The City of  Merida is the perfect choice for enjoying ideal climate while finding many things to do.

Located in the Occidental Region, Merida is called the Roof Of Venezuela at 6,870 feet above sea level (similar to Denver).  The capital of the State of Merida, is the City of Merida, founded on October 9, 1558 by Juan Rodriguez Suarez, who named this city after his native city, Merida, Spain. 

A high percentage of our population are young people.  Here in Merida is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning. Founded in 1810, the University of  the Andes ( U.L.A ), is also one of  largest Universities in Venezuela.  The student population is around 37,000.

Merida has a highly developed tourism infrastructure, and features many shaded parks with colorful and carefully tended gardens and  fountains.

The religious commitment of Meridans is evident, and can be seen by the many church and religious buildings in the area. 

In town you’ll see our most famous plaza, Plaza Bolivar Square and the Cathedral with its beautiful and majestic design. It was built from plans used to construct  the Toledo Cathedral in Spain, and originally built in the 17th. century.
Nearby you’ll find museums, the Government Palace and the Coromoto Ice Cream Parlor, with more than 620 natural flavors.  It’s registered in the Guiness Book of Records!  Try  onion,  corn, or meat flavors.  You name it, they got it

If you want to see animals, the place to visit is Chorros de Milla’s Park.  Here you will find a variety of fauna, from our region, natural landscapes, and a beautiful waterfall in the back of the park. 

 You’ll enjoy the: monkeys, birds, snakes, turtles, bears, lions, tigers and other animals.

You can take a city tour, visiting our museums, boulevards, squares and  return again on your own, for a closer or longer look.

If you want to relax and have an easy day, go for a walk, to the movie, or take a break in one of our coffee shops where you can enjoy a delicious cake with  natural juice, or take a cappuccino with cookies. Or, visit one of our many ice cream parlors and try out a new flavor?  Merida has many magazine stands where you can catch up on the news back home.

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