A Special Place in Mérida
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Cozy Chalet two fully equipped plants. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms - Kitchen
- Dining Room - Fireplace - Parking - Barbecue Grill. Ideal for rest and relaxation.
Over 1000 meters of gardens between the pristine mountains of the Venezuelan Andes.
We speak Spanish and English.
Bs. 4,100 up to six (6) persons.
Extra person Bs. 700 maximum two (2).
Couples in low Emporada, special prices.

Note: Prices subject to market fluctuations

Urb. La Capea, Sector La Poderosa, Tabay
Chalet Piedras Blancas, Merida, Venezuela


Phone: (0058)-0416 834 73 96 




To reservations:
 Banco Provincial, Cuenta de ahorro
Nº 0108 0067 690200128929 A nombre de:
Pedro Galindo (CI V4844315) y/o María Báez