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Welcome to Mérida, Venezuela 
Andes Mountains Paradise. Semi Tropics in The Andes contains hundreds of up-to-date, Mérida Home Pages relating to Tourism, 
Businesses and Professionals. 
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Agroturism (03) Apartaments (04) Cabins / Cabins (37)
Estancias (04) Hosterías (04) Hotels (22)
     Posadas /Guest Houses  (36) Chalet (5)


Areperas (01) Cafe  (04) Restaurants (20)
Fast Food (03) Delicatteses (3) Bakeries (04)
Pizza Places (03) Roasted Chicken (01) Others  (10)

General Businesses

 Travel Agencies  (10) Animals  (02) Art (11) Cars, Motorcycles  (07) Real Estate (2)
Camping (02) Ceramics  (02) Clinics and Health Centers (09)  Pharmacies  Computer stores  (05)
Comunications (02) Constrution (07)   Entertainment (17) Flowers (01) Education Institutes  (05)
Furniture (02) Museums and Galleries (01) Tiendas de Ropa  Clothing Stores (06) Services (19) Various (19)
    Clubs (01)    

LODGING's primary requirements for accepting lodging Home Pages is that they must be clean, and they must offer the same prices to international tourists as they offer to Venezuelan's. If your experience should differ, please let us know the particulars. 
"Agroturismo", as it is applied here in Venezuela, is a government tourism agency term. It does not always mean that it is a working farm, or that guests can join in farming activities, but rather that it is located in a farming area.  

Apartments :
Apartments are usually intended for longer stays, such as business or temporary assignments but some are available for tourist season.

Cabins are usually located in more remote and scenic locations. Because bus or taxi service is in-expensive and readily available, this is not a problem. Cabins are equipped with kitchens and all the accessories you will need for a comfortable stay. Service is personalized. Many offer play areas for children, flower gardens, and green areas. Typically, a cabin for two with hot water shower, toilet, wash basin, tv and kitchen will cost around $35 - $50 per night. Some cabins are beautifully appointed, offering meals, tours, and other personalized services. 








Estancias are very personalized and up scale, offering accomodations and services above the average place of lodging. 


Estancias are very personalized and up scale, offering accomodations and services above the average place of lodging. 


A note about the "star" system for Venezuela hotels. Government issued star ratings are not always reliable indicators. They do not conform to international standards. We are not revealing any secrets, as the Hotel Schools in Mérida tell their students the same!  

Mérida offers many fine Hotels with experienced staff. Your best indication as to the quality of the Hotel, is to visit their Home Pages and LOOK at the accompaning high resolution color PHOTOS. Click to enlarge any "thumbnail photo". 


Posadas are similiar to Bed and Breakfasts, but usually offering no breakfast! Most are small (usually between 10 to 25 rooms) and family run, located in the cities or pueblos. Service is personalized. Their rates are very competitive. Typically, a room for two with hot water shower, toilet, wash basin and tv will cost less than $ 25 per night. Many offer additonal services such as an adjoining restaurant, secure off-street parking, money exchange, tour services, or fax/e-mail. 






  Arepas are a popular favorite of Venezuelans. They are a heavy, partially sliced corn meal bun stuffed with cheese, meat, fish, or any of more than 20 different stuffing's that many areperas feature. Low cost, good, and filling.
  Cafés are trendy, upscale restaurants, usually showing greater attention to detail, and service. Often with exclusive menu items, offered in a unique setting. 
Fast Food:
  Fast Food Restaurants.  There are many, and each feature basic menu´s with popular foods, served quickly at moderate prices.  Mérida also has about a hundred small lunch stands on wheels, which are set-up for night time only openings.  We do not offer Home Pages to these restaurants for two reasons: 1. We think that they have an unfair advantage over our established restaurant clients, and: 2. They move about frequently, requiring constant address changes.  
Delicatesse: When began in 1997, there was one cyber cafe in Mérida.  Now there are about 45.  In Mérida and the surrounding towns, it is very easy and in expensive to use E-mail or chat, or phone back to the states at any of the cyber cafes.
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Panadería y Pastelería in English is: Bakery & Pastries. 

Mérida is loaded with good Panaderías y Pastelerías, with more shops per thousand population, than any other Venezuela city. 

Why? Perhaps it's our large student population? Or maybe our beautiful year round climate which allows many shops to offer outside tables where people can enjoy the relaxed Mérida lifestyle? 

Mérida enjoys a countrywide reputation of: "great food, with plenty of nice places to eat." 
  • Panadería y Pastelería Sierra Nevada
Pizza Places: Pizza is a favorite, and the locally produced cheeses add a special fresh flavor. Dine in or take out. 
Roasted Chicken:
  • Restaurante El Viejo Molino
  • Restaurante Entrepueblos
  • Restaurante Estancia de Martín Fierro
Good restaurants are primary consideration when you look for a vacation destination.  Mérida has a reputation throughout Venezuela for offering a wide selection of reasonably priced restaurants.  We offer to scan the menu of our restaurant clients at a low price of about $15. u.s. per year.  Many of our website visitors have e-mailed us favorable comments about our restaurant clients, and especially those with menu´s.

Our lodging Home Page clients normally ask their guests: "where did you hear about us".  But this is not the case with our restaurant clients-for some reason, they do not ask?  So, please mention that you learned about them on  Our low rates are dependant upon a high Home Page re-newal rate.  Thanks, from



Travel Agencies & Tours

Travel and Tour companies work on a commission basis. They "sell" local knowledge, experience, and "contacts". They work hard to provide the traveler with a true worthwhile service. Most speak a second, third, or even a fourth language. 

If you prefer, you can book airline flights directly at the airport airline counters. However, we have always enjoyed a more positive experience when dealing with travel agents-and it costs no more! It's a simple fact. Low salaried airline employees have little incentive to do a first class job. Most do not speak a second language, and many will throw up their hands if your "Spanglish" does not suit them. 

Tour companies, on the other hand, are very customer oriented. They depend heavily on repeat clients. Most tour company owners and employees have taken the tours and expeditions they are offering. Their experience will help you quickly determine the tours that are just right for you. Most tour companies have a specialty. Look at all of the fast loading Home Pages and choose 2 or 3 companies. Then e-mail them the same message for questions and prices.  Note how quickly and thoroughly each company responds. Make a decision and book your first tour using e-mail. When you arrive, and if you had a good time on the tour, book more tours through the same company. If things weren't just the way you expected, check with other Mérida tour companies. There is much to do and see in and around Mérida and Venezuela. The travel and tour companies want all of our visitors to have a good time, returning home safely, and bragging to their friends about their wonderful "Mérida experience". 

Principally because of our university, great year round climate and easy lifestyle, Mérida is blessed with many fine artists. Some offer classes or private instruction. Their work is considered original, of high quality, and "bargain priced."
Cars, Motorcycles, sale and repair:
Real Estate:
Check out the real estate section for tips and suggestions about retiring, buying property or businesses in Mérida

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