Note: For all foreign visitors, it is wise to check your respective state department for notices about visits to the country of your destination. Venezuela requires a special Visa for US Citizens due to the poor relations between the two countries. Check with the Venezuela Embassy or consulate nearest you. Vaccination for  yellow fever may be required from time to time and is well recommended. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months. Exit tax is roughly $50. Politic are a private matter within any country and we recommend avoiding political discussions or comments.  Like most countries petty crime is a travelers headache and care should be taken with valuables and documents. Always carry copies of your documents in separate luggage. Please consult your travel agent for any last minute notices.

If you need to make a deposit for one of Merida's Posadas (guest house), Cabins, Hotels or other facilities we can assist you if needed with our PayPal account to make your deposit and we will pay the facility in Venezuela in Bolivars. This is made necessary at this moment by the government of Venezuela's policy to restrict sale and purchase of dollars. The official transfer rate is 6.35 new bolivars (BF) to one U.S. Dollar and that is the rate you will receive from banks and authorized currency exchanges at the airport (we have heard of ths rate varying so we cannot be certain. Blackmarket dollars are over 999 Bolivars to one Dollar. Credit cards are readily accepted throughout the country though you will have charges from your bank for the conversion. It is not wise to carry large sums of cash anywhere in the world.  We have 24 hour access to our Paypal account via internet so if you need assistance let us know, once you are inside the country any hotel or travel agency can help you.. Simply email us with the amount to deposit, deposit slip number if applicable and date of deposit plus the name of the facility and the amount to pay. We do not charge any commission for this service and our rate of exchange is as stated, 10 BF to $1 or equal to official rate.


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The owners, managers, and agents of our international Tourism Portals have always operated under the premise that we have a dual, and equal obligation: to our web site visitors, and, to the many valued  Home Page clients who support our effort, and promote their businesses on:   WWW.ANDES.NET & WWW.ANDESHOLIDAYS.COM


The interest in learning about tourist options in the Andes continues unabated, as both Andes related web sites are receiving a combined number of hits that average between 40,000 to 53,000 per day! 

Tourists continue to flock to the Andes region of Venezuela.  Many are arriving from the far-off Capital of Caracas, where sporadic political unrest is the greatest, and the need for the population to visit a more peaceful area for rest and relaxation is important.  

Over the past few years, the ratio of visitors to the Andes has changed.  Currently (according to the E-mails we receive) the visitor numbers are about 90% Venezuelan’s and the remainder from: Colombia, other nearby Hispanic countries, Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, the U.S., etc.  


Tourists who use common sense should experience no problems regarding
their personal
safety while in the Andes.

Do not reveal: money, jewelry, expensive watches, cameras, etc.

Share your fun. Tour with others, not alone, and not in unknown areas at night.

Be personally responsible regarding: where you go, what you do, and how you act.  

The above is good advice no matter where you are….even while at home!  

 If your Spanish is not very good, you might consider hiring a Personal Guide.  We can suggest qualified guides.  The advantages are many.  The cost, on a per hour basis, is reasonable, (obtain firm prices first...write them down, in front of the Guide)  plus, your Guide will show you what interests YOU, and, the best the Andes has to offer.

Also, your Guide will look out for your personal safety, so you can relax and get the best  experience possible, from your Andes holiday visit.  

There are many reasons, other than relative safety, as to why so many Venezuelans continue to flock to the Andes.  Join with them, and share in the fun of their holiday experience. 


E-mail us,  and we will be happy to provide public, local and personal information
regarding  conditions in the Andes.

Dr. Richard C. Rebeck, Webmaster