Objetives: Develop a system of expression of experiences; artistic, craft,
                    agro-ecological and local.
Mission:   Revive the values of the ancestral local culture, motivate and improve
                   cultural values and the quality of life of the local population.
Vision:     Community development which allows one to relate to other cultures
                   without losing self identity, maintaining cultural character in relation
                   with the natural context, following the principles of sustained growth.
Specific Objetives:                                                                                                                        
Give impulse to the artistic  potential of artists and craftsmen.
**Provide an interchange of artistic experience in both the national and international environment.
**Stimulate articulation and self development.
**Stimulate and promote the investigation of cultural values by which the community can
   be conscious of its historic processes.
**Protection of the culture and the natural patrimony of the District Rangel through the
   community organization.
**Manage resources and establish agreements and contracts.

Who are we:


Asociation of  Músicians
       (Santa Cecilia)
* Independent Artists

*Proinpa (Cultivators of the Páramo.)         
*Asobap (Asociation of Guest Houses and
              Guides of the Paramo.)               
*Project Ecologic protection of water          sources.                     

Community Organization
Cooperative Indio Tinjaca.          
*Cooperative La Parameña           
*Night School Nestor Contreras


Mucuchies, State of Merida

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