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Welcome to THE VACATION CABINS Haciendita where you will find the attention to detail will discover the secret magic of the mountains and is in continuous direct contact with nature.
We offer 9 cabins of different sizes, from our little "CASTAÑETO" for honeymoon, to the greatest, "BUCARE" with capacity for 10 people.
Many of our visitors have described our cabins as their second home, where they managed to relax and enjoy new and unforgettable experiences, while feeling like at home.
Each cottage has entertainment areas, including barbecue, tables and semi-tropical plants. We have children's play area and pool, we also have TV cable ... all this wonder, just 15 minutes from the city of Merida.
The air is always fresh and wonderful scenery, make this a perfect place to rest.
Trees, plants, flowers, fruits and coffee complement the abundant natural environment.






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Pets are not allowed.         
Carretera Panamericana, Vía Jají, Sector
               Manzano Alto, Estado Mérida. Venezuela.
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