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Hiking & Backpacking in the Venezuelan Andes, 
by: Forest Leighty
Forest Leighty´s book is a favorite of Andes hikers and backpackers. While a bit dated regarding prices, a limited number of copies are still available. See below. Note: any book more than a year old, quoting Venezuelan prices will be “dated”.  Mr. Leighty is a Venezuea resident and advisor to the: South American Explorers. Recently Forest and his long time hiking buddy, Ed Bower visited the Andes.Net office.  They were on their way for a week of Backpacking-tracing their hikes made during the early 1990´s. 

Forest and good friend: Ed.  11-18-00 

Following is from the catalog of the 
South American Explorers - 

Hiking/Backpacking in the Venezuelan Andes. Forest Leighty, Venezuelan resident and club advisor. Forest Leighty, covers 30 hikes in the Andes, plus others in Avila National Park. Info. on  transportation, accommodations, cooking, clothes, money exchange, theft, food and other essentials. List price $16.00. Price: $13.00 (Members $12.00) Item # 318.

In Mérida, Forest´s handbook may be purchsed at:

    Librería Universitaria, C.A.
Av. 3 entre Calles 29 Y 30, No. 29-25 Edif. Eva.
Telefax (274) 252 0956
Ludens II Libreria
Avenida 3 - Entre calles 30 y 31, No 30-62
Telefax: (274) 252 2037
Libreria Temas
Avenida 3 Independencia con calle 29, No 29-34
Telf:  (274) 252 6068

Forest´s Handbook may also be purchased at many: Mérida Tour & Adventure Companies

In Caracas:
Librería Alemana Oscar Todtmann
C.C. El Bosque, Local 4
Ave. Libertador, Caracas
Tel: (212) 763 0881 Fax: (212) 762 5244


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