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One excellent place to rest of the city

Mérida represents Switzerland of America. In the desert of the Andes, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, mountain clothing Trasandina Road Barinas rise - Merida, Municipality Rangel found in the village Mucurubá from there we give a warm welcome. In this beautiful natural paradise surrounded by pristine mountains, with very cold air , with the constant fog that hugs you in the heart of the moor. The People of Mucurubá is a place where time stands still , with a temperature neither too hot nor too cold . It is a very safe and peaceful, peaceful , ideal for awakening the senses , reflect and nourish the spirit.
In Filomena Posada tourists arrive as if you were at home , able to interact with the farmers of the moor, enter plantings , stepping on the fertile soil of the vegetable crops identified , touching the cold water of Rio Chama and most importantly , talk to people who all their lives have been there, who have a vast knowledge and love of the mountains that gave birth .
The Inn offers one-hour walks around the nearby mountains at any time of day , allowing you to exercise to benefit their health.
La Posada has 6 comfortable rooms , equipped with private bathroom , hot water and TV cable . We have very spacious double bedrooms and family for four ( 4) persons with double bed and bunk bed. La Posada at your facility has three ( 3) spacious kitchens with all its utensils, is in a very safe and quiet area without traffic ( dead end ) easy access and paved . The average temperature ranges between 15 and 22 ° C , the climate of its pristine mountains, the cool breeze, fresh air, the Chama River, the football stadium, athletic fields, tennis Boccia , make this place a paradise the heart of the Andean plateau , and most importantly, what kind of its inhabitants, is a tourist destination that awaits you .
Besides accommodation , the Inn offers food and rides
additional cost including:

• The Musui hot springs located in the mountains near the village Mucuchies
• Astrophysical Observatory in the village or Llano del Hato , at Memorial Park Los Nevados Dogs , trout farming of Moconoque , Piedra.y Church Park in tribute to the Loca Luz Caraballo
• Town -bys , Eagle Peak , Park and Lake Mifafi Mucubaji
• Theme park Eaves
• In the city of Mérida: The Jets Milla Zoo , The Main Market , Plaza Bolivar , the Cathedral, the downtown , the ice cream Coromoto (the thousand flavors ) in the Plaza del Llano,
• In Merida Museum of Science and Technology, Trolleybus , the Botanical Garden in the sector of the Sorceress
• The Laguna Urao unique in the world in the Town of Lagunillas
• The La Venezuela Antier theme park on the road to the village of Jaji












As for the cuisine of the area will offer freshly brewed coffee, chocolate, wheat Arepas, cupcakes Andean, Andean whit fried eggs, scrambled, juices, oatmeal, pudding , Andean butter, creole cheese and smoked cheese, ham fried trout, stuffed, pea soup, broth black beans, potato salad with carrot and Creole eggs, steamed potatoes and other dishes that you can taste in Filomena Posada
For your reservation you can contact by phone:
0412-7211148 / 0416-6030225 / 0414-1043312 / 0274-6586173 .

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Mucurubá , Trasandina Road, 30 km from the city of Merida (40 minutes) Theme Park above and below the eaves of the People of Mucuchies . Sector Pump versus oil service station " on the 1st . January " Molino Victoria Street, house No. 257. Mérida State.
National Tourism Registry ( RTN ) No. 11816



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