Its charm adorns the beauty  of
this unparalleled destination.

Guest Houses, consist of comfortable and spacious cabins with traditional Andean architecture, a main house, a tea house, solarium, sauna rooms, massage and aromatherapy rooms. An orchard, mill, herbarium, amonst other natural wonders.
Only 2 hours from the city of Merida in the village Saisayal,  Azulita, you can enjoy the Inn, The Tao and the wonderful services provided at their facilities. Located at 1300 meters altitude, with a pleasant climate. The Tao is the habitat of hundreds of birds of different species and lush vegetation including large coffee forests, grasslands and a variety of herbs and exotic gardens.
How to get there? From Caracas by air, through the cities of The Vigia  and Mérida, in one hour 45 minutes. Pan-American Highway: Valencia, Barquisimeto, Agua Viva, Santa Elena de Arenales, The Azulita. Mérida to Azulita, beautiful cloud forest path (recommended, appreciated in the day) Via Jaji. The other route is to take the fast lane of the Pan-American Highway tunnels.

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