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CRISANTEMO is a comfortable inn with a total capacity for 20 people, distributed in double, triple and quintuple. It is located in one of the coldest areas Merida state, surrounded by the incomparable beauty of the mountains of the Andes, minutes from the towns of San Rafael and Mucuchies Mucuchies, the latter is the highest in Venezuela. The temperature ranges between 8 and 10 ° C. It has a small communal kitchen equipped for the entire inn; hot water, T.V. Cable and Wi-Fi. Parking for 6 vehicles.

No towels, toilet paper, soap and dishwasher are placed.

ANNEX APARTMENT: It is next to the inn, up to 10 people equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are penthouses, 2 bathrooms, hot water, TV cable, wi fi and parking shared with the Inn.
For contacts and reservations, please contact:
0416-5494038 /

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Mucuchies, sector La Toma, cruce frente al expendio de
medicinas La Toma, Urb. Flores del Páramo.
Estado Mérida. Venezuela.





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