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It's a nice, comfortable cabin that almost touches the roof of the Merida Andes. Its geographical location is wonderful. With excellent decor and professional staff who strive daily to make your stay very pleasant.
His name represents the 3 deities worshiped our natives:
CHES: Sol * JAMA: Water * SHIA: Moon.
It has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, fireplace, kitchen with everything. (Oven, dishes, pots, cutlery, dining table, refrigerator, blender, hood, brand new).
It has service areas, water heater and filter, wide corridors, courtyard, gardens and a terrace overlooking the hotel's recreational areas La Trucha Azul resort. T.V. cable and domino table. A beautiful garden decorated their exteriors. Separate entrance, lighted, parking in the central courtyard for up to 4 vehicles and external parking for 6 vehicles ... Very near the town of Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo, Carretera Nacional
Mérida - Barinas, al lado del Hotel Resort
La Trucha Azul. Estado Mérida
Telf: (0274) 266-32-74
Please ask by Sra. Nico 




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