A 3000 m.s.n.m. and 5 minutes from the town of Mucuchíes in the way to Misintá, you will find a nice cabin for 7 people, fully equipped, with hot water, kitchen utensils, parking lot, beautiful panoramic view of the town of Mucuchies and the Sierra Nevada. Temperatures are cold, so it is suggested to take all necessary precautions.
It is located close to sites of interest such as: the town of Gavidia, Laguna Mucubají, El Collado del Condor, park La Loca Luz Caraballo, The Stone Chapel in San Rafael de Mucuchies, which is the highest village Venezuela, the Castillo San Ignacio, monument to Perro Nevado, the Moconoque trout farming, hot springs the Musui and more.
Access is in any type of vehicle until very near the cabin where you can leave safely, from there to the hut there are about 50 mts. and the route is only for rustic vehicles.
During your stay you can enjoy photographic works where beautiful images of details and landscapes of Anden environment which will make their stay more enjoyable shown. This Photografic sample has been taken to 7 exhibitions in various galleries in Merida state and once to the city of Caracas

                  Photo Gallery


Inside of one of the rooms



House Interior from the door to
the backgraund.



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                        Vía Misintá, sector la Angostura. Mucuchies. Estado Mérida.
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