Asociation of Artesans in the State of Merida

Founded July 1997
Joined hands ope
ning new opportunities.
From all of Merida, and from the past, we present the best of our abilities, each reflecting  our appreciation of the work, methods and  traditions of those who have gone before.
Dreams are forged from the concept of our crafts.  Materials proven noble by the artisan
are presented to the public in an effort to display our diverse cultural heritage.
Click on the member names below,to see their representative work.

Taller Artesal "Quetzaily" (Leather)

Taller "Yasy-Yatare" (Wood & Stone)

Taller "Mariby" (Banana Peels)

"Delicateses Catalina" (Food & Drink)

Taller "Senderos Del Sol"
(Wood & Glass)

Taller "Canto de Agua"
(Wood & Textiles)

Taller "Rosandre"
(Ceramics, Aluminum & Wood)


Taller "Cuero Cuaro" (Leather)

Taller "Don Florencio" (Wood Crafter)

Taller "Roliben S.R.L."
(Wood Carpenter)

Taller  "Cobalto" (Multimedia Arts)

Taller "My Monkey" (Clay Ceramics)

Hernán Uzcátegui-Miguel Calderón
(Wood Carvers)


Visit our permanent exposition home at: La Casa Bossett
Av. 4 entre calles 20 y 21. Teléfono: 0414 594 6170


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