Beautiful and comfortable apartment, fully equipped, it is  located in Mucuchíes, Rangel Municipality, Edo. Merida. Mucuchíes is a typical village into of merideño moor, and located at an altitude of 2,893 meters above sea level, average temperature of 11 ° C and a population of over 5900 inhabitants.
The apartment can accommodate 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 people. Rooms with comfortable beds (blankets, sheets, pillows), hot water, heating, cable TV, kitchen, oven, microwave, refrigerator, living room, 2 bedrooms, one with private bathroom, garage.
Nearly all tourist places to visit:
Apartaderos place, San Rafael de Mucuchies and Stone Chapel (Juan Feliz Sanchez), Laguna Mucubají, located 3,550 meters above sea level Laguna Negra, at 3,640 meters above sea level, the Monument to the Loca Luz Caraballo, El Llano del Hato where the domes Observatorio del Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia (CIDA), with a spectacular view of the Sierra, La Casa de los Cien techos, the (Pico El Águila) the highest of the trans-Andean highway at 4,100 m point, El Paraiso Condors, Mucunturia Visitor Center, located in the Valley of Mifafí Sierra de La Culata, Truchiculturas, crafts, restaurants National Park.
Besides all the tourist agricultural route Mountain (Mitibibo, La Toma, Misintá, La Mucumpate, Mocao, The Royal, Gavidia), Theme Park Eaves, The City of Mérida, El Mucumbari cable car and much more.
To contact please call the numbers:

+58 412 1626215 / +58 416 0766714 /+58 416 6020912

E-mail: pgdario@gmail.com









Mucuchíes, Municipio Rangel del Edo. Mérida. Mucuchíes .



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