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In the path of the wilderness, in Cacute, between Tabay and Mucurubá, KQT Foods is a family company dedicated to the development of delicacies prepared using traditional methods and without the use of additives such as preservatives or dyes to give your palate authentic flavors. With delicious fresh milk, cheeses are made and aged for several months, in the traditional manner, as the type Pecorino with pepper, Parmesan and exquisite type and MucuCheese with hot pepper. They also offer the Madrigal Creamy semimadurado a cheese that melts in your mouth, and as fresh cream, butter and cheese. And you can not leave without trying their sweet milk with vanilla or cinnamon, or lemon cut grandmothers did.
They also prepare delicious canned fruits like strawberry jam, blackberry and mandarinitas for exquisite taste and delicate guava, peach and a very special curuba delicate fruit native to the Andes. Furthermore, based curubas and other fruits like tomatoes and papayita tree, made a delicious sweet and sour sauce. The Mustard KQT should not miss in your pantry for those gourmet preparations you want to add a touch of flavor really special.

If you visit Merida Food KQT remember knowing at Finca Santa Elena, where you will gladly be greeted by its owners. For more information check their website:


carretera trasandina, Fínca Santa Elena,
 Cacute Edo. Mérida. Entre Tabay y Escaguey.
Contact Information:
0424-2728679 / 0416-1367514
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